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Pop Art Couture

This week I stumbled across a really cool tumblr called Ubicouture. This blog posts amazing fashion/art collages

Jamie Hawkesworth and Tom Wesselmann
Prada and Frank Stella
Prada and David Hockney
Comme des Garcons and Japanese Origami Instructions
Alexander Mc Queen and Damien Hurst
Miu Miu and Roy Lichtenstein
Acne and Jan Schoonhoven
Roe Ethridge and Patrick Caulfield
Prada and Salvador Dali
Christian Dior, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol
Walter Van Beirendonck and Wayne Thiebaud
SS 13 and Patrick Caulfield

Not Like Any Other Love

james dean top - it's my brothers!
 beads - topshop
dress - new look
shoes - river island

acting like a rebel without a cause
some of Morrissey's favourite books
my favorite playwright Shelagh Delaney
A Taste of Honey
reel around the fountain

watching the new smiths documentary not like any other love <3
I'ts hard to explain my love for this band without sounding like a dork but basically I love them more than life

Dear Prudence: Valentino Autumn/Winter 2013

Valentino Autumn/Winter 2013

(sources: deerlolita, vogue)

I'm in love with Valentino's fall collection. The collection is quite prim and prude but there is something alluring about it. Valentino presents us with a white fur coat resembling Snow White, the image of innocence and purity while also showing us a seductive red leather dress. Even the music at the runway suggests contrasting themes, a melodious instrumental is followed by Sacrilege by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The schoolgirl plaits are contrasted with lace corsets and magnificent ballgowns. The white lace collars and cuffs are so pretty, they remind me of Anna Karina in Alphaville and Winona Ryder in Mermaids (bringing everything back to movies as usual). The sheer paneling and scalloped sleeves are very pretty and feminine but my favourite is the second floral dress, I'll definitely be on the look out for something similar