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Merry Christmas x

hey everyone, happy holidays x
my parents got my Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Chance by Chanel, I'm so spoilt I know hehe ;)

my outfit from last night
(faux fur coat - vintage, red dress - new look, heels - clarks)
a polaroid of a vintage dress I wore last christmas

Photo Diary: Strawberry Wine

hey :) its been ages since I've updated. I started college in September and I've been so busy. I'm studying English, Film and Art History, majoring in English. This is a picture of my university, we have two lakes I have no idea why but it looks pretty...

I got a flat near the centre of town, its not that pretty but its near uni so I cant complain. I thought Id post some pictures from my instagram, I didn't bring my nikon with me this semester so I have been taking many pictures

I love this cute little velvet hairband from Topshop
(hairband - topshop, tshirt - river island, skirt - river island)

I'm going to wear this little red dress for Christmas, its from New Look

I wish I bought this top so much
(top - topshop skirt - river island)

Im so glad Im home for Christmas, I finally have time to read Morrissey's autobiography, hoping for some embarrassing teen stories

I went to see MGMT in October, it was fun, they had such a light show/video thing hehe and they played lots of songs from their second album which I love 

I've been listening to lots more shoegaze recently, mostly this album on repeat. I made this mix for my friends birthday and it has some of my favourite shoegaze songs on it

I went to the Irish Museum Modern Art for Art History for assignment on contemporary art and I really liked this exhibition. It engages with the concept of beauty and aesthetic, presenting modern interpretations of Hogarth's Line of Beauty

I haven't got a Christmas jumper I feel so left out :( I'm not festive enough anyway hehe although I cant wait to spend all day watching movies and sleeping (◡‿◡)