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October Photo Diary: Dream Wife, Black Honey, The Kills, Angel Olsen

October was basically a month of gigs, I love that I have the opportunity to see so many amazing bands, most of all, I finally seen The Kills ... twice!

I got the chance to see both Black Honey and Dream Wife which I wrote about in this post a few months ago. They played at the Louisiana in Bristol at the beginning of the month

Black Honey had so much energy and sounded even better live. I especially loved All My Pride and Corrine. The only thing I didn't really like about the show was the fact that so many people were packed into such a small room which was far too small for mosh pits. I was constantly falling onto the stage or into people. Hopefully next time I can see them in a slightly bigger venue :)

Dream Wife were supported Black Honey on their tour and I absolutely loved them. They remind me of bands like Bikini girl, they have such a cool girl power spirit and they sound incredible. I recommend listening to Lolita and Hey Heartbreaker. I can't wait until the next time I get to see them

I bought their EP at the merch stand and Rakel and Bella signed it. Rakel wrote something in Icelandic about me being a glitter queen :L

I also got a card about the song Corrine which is signed by Black Honey. Chris got a super cool enamel pin of the Black Honey logo

I finally got to see one of my all time favourite bands The Kills and they were absolutely amazing. They are too of the coolest people on stage. The songs from the latest album sounded so good live, especially Doing it to Death and Heart of a Dog. Hearing the slow songs live like Echo Home really made me appreciate them even more. We waited outside after the show for two hours but we gave up and went home because it was literally the coldest night we've had in Bristol

I wore my silver boots and my velvet jeans because you got to have cool boots on when you go see The Kills

The next day we went to Birmingham to see The Kills again!

I really enjoyed the show the second time around. They were super lively and sounded incredible. I just sang all night. They also played Last Goodbye in the encore which was a dream

I also met Allison and Jamie after !! They are literally the nicest people. We talked to Allison for a bit and I got a picture. I'm wearing my fur lined parka after nearly freezing to death the night before. We didn't get a chance to speak to Jamie properly. I kind of regret not getting a picture but I didn't want to be rude either

I really hope I get to see these guys again <3

We stayed in such a nice hotel in Birmingham called The Penta Hotel. We got the craziest deal on, I think it was like £54 or something. It has the coolest decor, a 24 hour bar, pool tables, a pinball machine, a PlayStation and even a mac computer, how lush. It's also right in the centre so we were able to walk to the Olympia. I really wouldn't stay anywhere else in Birmingham after staying in this hotel

We discovered such a good DVD store in Bristol called Fopp. They have amazing prices for arty movies and brands like Arrow. They also have reasonably priced vinyl and books. I think they have stores across the UK so I would definitely recommend visiting one if you can. I cant wait to watch these, especially Red Desert as its been on my watchlist for years

A picture of me before leaving for Angel Olsen, I really love this top from H&M, I think it looks really cool with my hair

Angel Olsen sounds so good live. I know I've said that about everyone in this post but everyone in hear band are just amazing musicians. We arrived pretty late to the gig so we were pretty far back but it was nice just listening to the band. The crowd was super quiet and docile - worlds away from Black Honey :L If you haven't listened to Angel Olsen before, I recommend listening to Shut Up and Kiss Me and Intern

I got my first Birchbox in October. I've always wanted one after reading Becca from Fashion Train's Reviews.The boxes in October were organized according to star signs, I'm actually a fire star sign but I was silly enough to forget to fill in my info before ordering it. There are still some really interesting samples and a full sized lip crayon. 

I went to a Soap and Glory pop up event at my college in Bristol. They have such a cool party bus with music, makeovers, fake tattoos and a slide :L I also got some popcorn, a free sample and a discount code which I used to get a Supercat Liquid Eyeliner ... woo!

I have successfully joined the enamel pin gang hehe I got The Kills and Angel Olsen pins at the gigs, the rolling stones exhibitionism pin was a gift and the half heart is by the designer Hannah Kristen Metz, she is also a really cool blogger

I didn't plan for Halloween this year because I thought id be working. I think this makeup look is a last minute attempt at a demon/witch thing - the fake blood is really just Benetint hehe 

Its not Halloween without sparklers 

I got paid this month so I went a bit crazy and bought everything. I am so in love with this coat from Topshop. It feels like it was made for me, I just feel so cool in it. I got a pair of blue Leigh jeans from Topshop because I really need a comfy pair of everyday jeans. I also got the Topshop pleated trousers that so many people have because they are just so bloody comfy but also look really cool. I really love this star print dress from Nobody Child, I've only discovered them recently but they seem like such a cool high street brand. They have awesome designs for Winter. I also got a Lush bathbomb because its the ultimate treat :)

I have filmed some really cool videos at the gigs but I haven't had the time to edit them because of uni assignments :( I also haven't been able to find good editing software for Windows that doesn't cost a fortune (or is secretly a virus that tries to kill my computer) BUT hopefully I will get it together and upload it soon :) xx