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The Dum Dum Girls and The Crocodiles at The Button Factory

Last night I went to see The Dum Dum Girls and The Crocodiles at the Button Factory in Temple Bar. Only Brandon and Charles played with the Crocodiles for this tour but it still sounded great. Dee Dee came on stage and sang I Wanna Kill with The Crocodiles. The Dum Dum Girls were so good, my favourite songs were I Will Be and the encore Coming Down. There were two guys in the band this time, filling in on drums and guitar

they had a cool neon plastic heart and fake flowers tied to the mics

the crocodiles
the dum dum girls


Bedroom Eyes
I Got Nothing
In the Wake of You
I Will Be
He Gets Me High
Too True to Be Good
Are You Okay?
Rest of Our Lives
It Only Takes One Night
Under These Hands
Rimbaud Eyes
Lord Knows
Sight of You (Pale Saints cover)

Lost Boys and Girls Club
Coming Down

The Bunny Collective: Female Artists based in the UK and Ireland

The Bunny Collective is an art collective aiming to showcase the work of emerging female artists. It was formed in September 2013 by Samantha Conlon and now comprises of sixteen artists from the UK and Ireland. Their upcoming exhibition 'The Young Girls Gaze' will be held in Soma Contemporary Gallery Waterford, opening May 8th at 7pm.
The exhibition will explore the influence of technology on the female experience. It examines how women exist both online and offline and the changing perception of female identity. The Bunny Collective demonstates how the internet can be used as a positive mode of self-expression and a means of exposure. The collective has revived interest from Dazed and Confused and the Le Sigh.

Samantha Conlon

Caitlin Hazell
Beth Siveyer

'Follow for more Soft Grunge' by Rosemary Kirton

Samantha Conlon
Stacey Teague
For more information on the upcoming exhibition see the facebook event

You can  follow The Bunny Collective on tumblr and twitter

Distorted Perspectives

I went to a concert last night in the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny as part of a psychedelic music and art festival called Distorted Perspectives. Two bands called The ZZZ's and The Altered Hours were playing. The ZZZ's are an all female band from Brooklyn. I would describe them as noise rock/avant-garde. Thurston Moore describes them as best live band he's seen in ten years... I have proof
A video from 2012 of the ZZZ's playing (A Man Looks Into) The Hole

A picture from the gig
The ZZZ's
Altered Hours are an Irish psychedelic/shoegaze band, I really loved their single Sweet Jelly Roll

The Altered Hours

The Beatles

tshirt - pull and bear
jeans - topshop
belt and socks - primark
the beatles lunchbox - official beatles merchandise
shoes - office

I got blonde highlights in my hair. It's sort of modeled from this picture of Alexa Chung. There's more blonde at one side and the layers are really uneven but w/e. It's a beatles themed outfit today. I got my lunchbox at the merch stand at The Beatles Love show by Cirque De Soleil two summers ago, Ive been keeping concert tickets and other little souvenirs in it.  I'm home "studying" at the moment but I've mostly been reading magazines. I-Ds Spring issue and Vogue May issue is really great