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June Photo Diary: Sunshine, Weston and the Manics

I didn't get up to much hi-jinx in June because of the expensive trips we took in May to Paris and London. We did however have a heatwave which meant trips to beer gardens and lots of summer dresses

unreal for England 

spinning records on hot afternoons

our fridge broke during the heatwave so we were desperate for cold drinks under the shade of a beer garden

On one of our days off we took a trip to Weston Super Mare which is about an hour from Bristol. It has a pier by the beach, lots of arcades, a Ferris wheel and everything you expect from a seaside town

fish and chips is a requirement

forever too scared to go on these

so pretty in the sun

cutie with a Mr whippy

still as pale as ever despite a month of sunshine

We bought a last minute ticket to the Manic Street Preachers in Bristol Harbour. The harbour was such a nice place for a gig and it was nice seeing the Manics again. It made me feel a little better about not being at Glastonbury, just a little though! :P