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October Favourites


 I seen Johnny Marr this month :) I had such a great night. He was playing at the Olympia in Dublin. I had a seated ticket but I think for that venue you really need to stand to see anything. Johnny was just a little blob on stage for the most part hehe I've really gotten into his latest album Playland since the gig. He's releasing a live album called Adrenalin Baby on the 13th of November so I can't wait for that. I think its available to stream on spotify now. After the concert, I watched Johnny walk to his taxi. I got this blurry photo as evidence. It's not his most attractive picture but he kept running away when I was trying to take a picture hehe


 I watched nine movies this month but I didn't really like any of them so I've been drawn more to tv. I'm watching the new series of American Horror Story. I like Hotel a lot better than Freakshow but I don't like it as much as the first three series. The hotel really reminds me of The Chelsea Hotel. I think it feels like New York even though its set in Los Angeles. I miss Jessica Lange but Lady Gaga is growing on me. I've also been watching The Walking Dead, I'm on episode three so don't tell me what happened to Glenn hehe I can't wait to start watching The Vampire Dairies. I basically like anything that's cheesy and has vampires/zombies in it :P

Fashion and Beauty

I love Halloween themed fashion and beauty. The Lazy Oaf x Casper collaboration is so cute and perfect for Halloween themed outfits. I really love this pink fluffy jumper and this sheer dress. Topshop always have such a nice collection for Halloween. The best part is most of it is wearable throughout Autumn and Winter. I also love the Halloween themed collection at Lush. I cant wait to buy some of their Christmas collection next month. Regal Rose is a great place to get Halloween themed accessories, They sell the coolest rings. Can we just extend Halloween to include all of November please


I didn't have much planned for Halloween this year but I did however dress up as this batgirl type thing hehe you can read the details in the post below. I also carved a pumpkin but I ended up making it look a lot more happy than scary. Although its smile is a little creepy. What did you dress up for Halloween? If you've posted your Halloween outfit then leave a link below :)


mask - h&m
black lipstick - topshop
velvet choker - river island
top - h&m

I bought this mask from h&m last year but I didn't wear it so I thought I'd pull it out for the occasion. I got the black lipstick from Topshop two years ago, they don't seem to make them anymore. I think h&m might sell something similar though. I hope you had a nice Halloween :)