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The Liebster Award

Thank you Hailey at Like a Fleur for nominating me for The Liebster award which is an award given to blogs with less than 200 followers. Its a cool way to discover new blogs with similar tastes. 

The Rules:
  1. Answer the 10 question that your nominator gave you
  2. Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers
  3. Ask the nominees 10 new questions
I actually though it was eleven question but I'm new here so I'll stick with Hailey's rules :)

Hailey's questions:
  1. Which article of clothing makes you feel the best? My black black high heels, they're not really as article of clothing but they make me feel real cool when I wear them
  2. What is the one makeup item you couldnt live without? I can only narrow it down to foundation, pink lipstick and liquid eyeliner. My foundation is Dream Satin Liquid in light porcelain by Maybeline New York. My lipstick is Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rasberry by the Natural Collection at Boots. My eyeliner is Super Liner Ultra Precision by L'oreal Paris. I've been though a lot of liquid eyeliners and I feel this one is the easiest to apply because it has a felt tip and lasts almost all day.
  3. What is you biggest irrational fear? walking home at night
  4. What was the last good book you read? I haven't read a really good book in a long time. I suppose the last book I fell in love with is a play be Shelagh Delaney called The Lion In Love, it is a dream. I also liked Maggie Cassidy by Jack Kerouac.
  5. What is your most prized possession? My Smiths Complete box set. I got it at Christmas last year and its the most precious thing I own
  6. What is your happy-go-to song? Sad song? This is a difficult question, for a happy song Im going to say a summer album like The Beatles Love album um sad songs, most of a my ipod tbh I guess Well I wonder by The Smiths
  7. What inspires your style/Where do you find inspirations for it? Movies and music are the main inspiration for me. I love sixties dolly new waves and anyone cool who is in a band basically. I also get a lot of inspiration from street style and magazines - vogue, elle and glamour mostly
  8. What is your favourite beauty brand? I don't think I have one particular favourite brand. I tend to buy whatever is cheapest tbh haha I have however always used products by Simple because I have very sensitive skin and I don't know what Id do without it.
  9. Why did you start this blog? I wanted to be more creative and do something productive with my time off. I got into fashion a lot this year too and I thought blogspot was the best place to get more into ti
  10. What did you want to be a child? Did that change as time went on? I don't remember wanting to be anything when I was real young but over the past few years I wanted to become a sound engineer, a journalist and a computer programmer. I have applied to study English and Film next year so hopefully I get a place (offers are out next week :o)
My Questions:
  1. What are your favourite films?
  2. Describe your personal style?
  3. Who is your favourite designer?
  4. What is your favourite high street store?
  5. What are your values/what do you believe in?
  6. What is your most listened to album?
  7. Who do you admire/idolise?
  8. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
  9. Do you keep a journal?
  10. Why did you start this blog?
10 blogs with under 200 followers that I like to read

The White Pepper

I was looking at The White Pepper's new collection today and I thought id post some of my fav outfits. Their style is quite casual but also fun and feminine. They started on tumblr back in 2011 but now they have their very own website and a boutique on ASOS marketplace
Button-Cuff Angel Dress Check, Embroidered Button-Cuff Angel Dress Black
Sleeveless Angel Dress Denim, Leather Chunky Heel Sandal White
Polka Scoop Midi Dress Navy, Leather |Biker Boot
You can buy their magazine for free you just have to pay for the shipping. Also check out their street style lookbook. I know its not Easter but this video was just too cute not to post