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top - zara
shorts - vintage
rings - topshop
tights - primark
boots - topshop

I cant live without stripy tops and black boots. I bought these boots last weekend in the topshop sale :) I got these high-waisted shorts years ago, I  probably shouldn't be wearing them anymore because I've clearly outgrown them but w/e. I went to see the beach boys last Thursday in Derry and was surprisingly disappointed. I like the beach boys on record but they are not worth seeing these days

topshop rings

I've started writing in my notebook more. I need to try and focus on things and generally be more productive with my time. I'm thinking about volunteering for the theatre again, it would be a good chance to see more shows and get involved


I really like this picture because you cant see my face haha Im all about self confidence. This raincoat is perfect, it reminds me of the pvc macs kids in the sixties wore and Miu Miu's raincoat parade. Im going to the beach boys on Thursday, theyre playing in Derry, it should be fun hehe. I set up a depop shop. Im trying to save some money for my trip to Blackpool in July. I cant wait :)

my slightly scuffed but still cute vintage white sunflower shoes
cool prints

coat - topshop
 dress - topshop
tights - topshop
bag - vintage
shoes - vintage

High Street Edit Lookbook: Recreating Chanel S/S 15

Chanel was so good this year that I decided to recreate outfits from their last three shows using clothes and accessories from the high street/online stores

Chanel Pre Spring/Summer 2015 RTW

High Street - Chanel Spring Summer 2015 RTW

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014 RTW

High Street - Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015

Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 RTW

High Street Chanel Spring/Summer 2014

Photo Diary: Smithereens

since I haven't posted in awhile I decided to show you a few pictures I took on my phone last month. This picture is from a shopping trip I had a few days before I left Dublin. The top and skirt are both from River Island. I bought the top to wear out that night. Im tempted to buy the skirt now because its been reduced. I also tried on this off the shoulder bodycon dress but I thought the material was really heavy for summer so I didnt buy it

amazing shoes (^^) The middle one is a mixture between white sandals and jellies. I've wanted a pair of white sandals for ages. There are pretty cool white platforms and sandals at asos.

River Island fluffy bags <3

american apparel shiny co-ords, no matter how I feel about their advertising they do make nice clothes

my topshop hawaiian shirt

urban outfitters yellow raincoat

I went to see the 20th anniversary screening of pulp fiction, it was pretty cool to see it in the cinema seeing as I was still a baby when it was first released

I went to see Palma Violets a few weeks ago. I had a good night out but tbh I was a little disappointed with the Palma Violets, they weren't as good as I expected them to be
I went to see Panic at the Disco with a few of my old friends from school, they were my favourite band when I was like 14 so its pretty crazy that I seen them live. They were good despite the fact that there is only one original band member remaining. They played a lot of songs from their first album and their most recent album. They only played one song from the 2008 album Pretty Odd, I don't know whether that is because of legal reasons or personal choice. We arrived at the gig super late so we had really crappy view of the stage but one of the guys who was with us managed to sneak into the private boxes so me and another guy decided to join him. The view was amazing... 
we got kicked out like 5 minutes later when a photographer in the next box complained about us :( its the most lame concert story ever hehe

I also went to see Neutral Milk Hotel. I thought they were good but I prefer them on record. They didnt allow any photography at all so I have no pictures to show you

some dvds I bought recently...
Cleo from 5 to 7 is very new wave. Its directed Agnes Varda and has a cameo with Jean Luc Godard and Anna Karina. It is about a sixties pop singer who wanders around Paris as she awaits her biopsy results. It is shot in real time and the cinematography is beautiful. The beginning reminds me very much of Vivre Sa Vie

Smithereens is 1982 a movie directed by Susan Seidelman. It is about a runaway who desperately wants to become involved in the New York punk scene (I can relate haha). She gets involved with another runaway and a band member who just so happens to be played by Richard Hell, she ultimately has to decide between the two guys. It reminded me a lot of Breaking Glass, however breaking glass has a better soundtrack and more substance. I still really liked this film

I bought this film because it had the coolest cover ever hehe It is about a deaf runaway who moves to San Francisco to look for her brother who is known as "the seeker". She becomes involved with the guitarist of a psychedelic band who is played by Jack Nicholson. I think there is a recurring theme of runaways and band members in the films I watch :L This film is basically like watching hippies get high which is fun for what it is.

Im using a really good movie site now called letterboxd. It allows you to create and share watchlists, write reviews and rate films. Im pretty much going to chill out and watch films this summer, try and post more outfits and maybe just maybe learn how to drive