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Photo Diary: Do something pretty while you can, don't fall asleep

A selection of photographs from the last few days...

I've spent most of this week in bed considering how cold it is and how little I have to do. Id say its been at least six months since I've spoken to someone my age. I've lost a lot of weight too :/ but I am trying to do something productive everyday even though it may be small and insignificant. Today I've been doing some sketching and I've been trying to take more photographs. I don't want this year to be a total waste. My brother has been encouraging me to write because I'm always saying that I want to write a play but I always think up an excuse not to. I read a quote by Jean-Luc Godard recently that has stayed in my mind

"Il faut confronter des idees vagues avec des images claires"

#nowplaying hand in glove

Kings Road

pink suit - topshop
white tights - topshop
earrings - awear
pink mary janes - awear

I've meaning to show you guys this outfit for a while now because it's one of my favourites. I got it at topshop. I'm selling my shoes on etsy (I love them but they are just too small) I've been watching lots of youtube clips of Carnaby Street and Kings Road during the sixties. I like this montage of fashion models including twiggy and this documentary on fashion shops by some cynical journalist haha 


Last week I went to Edinburgh to visit a college. I applied to study computing but I am totally confused about courses and choices and the whole college thing. I was a little was disappointed with the campus. I had such a fun time shopping though. I bought The Waves by Virginia Woolf which I've been dying to read for ages and I went to a really cool vintage shop on Market Street called Armstrongs. It had lots of old sixties go go dresses, fur coats and various other thrifty things. I also passed an amazing record shop but I couldn't buy any records because I had didn't have room in my suitcase :( Just to do something touristy I went to the Scottish National Gallery. Even though I prefer modern art, I loved their exhibition on impressionism. These two paintings were my favourites....

The Pink Bedroom by Edouard Vuillard
Populars on The River Epte - Claude Monet
The thing about art is that it looks rubbish on a computer screen but in real life it is unbelievable. I also went to a contemporary art museum called The Fruitmarket. They had an exhibition by an artist called Massimo Bartolini. Downstairs the exhibition space was covered in a collection of multi- coloured lights that reacted to the sound of a voice. Upstairs there was a work bench displaying various objects and sculptures. This was accompanied by a video of the artist explaining his works. For example he explains that one of the objects - a blue marble tile is a  project he is doing with another artist (Joseph Dalle Nogare) in which they search within a block of marble for a pattern that recalls the sky. I know it sounds strange but the exhibition had such a calming affect on me. I think art galleries are the most peaceful places to be. 
Here are some pictures I took of Edinburgh which are all incredibly blue...