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The Smiths Complete

I got The Smiths Complete for Christmas and I can't describe how happy I am.There are nine records, four studio, three compilation and one live. You also get two posters, one of the live album Rank and a bigger version of the picture on the box of four girls at a fair (each girl represents a member of the band, hint: the girl at the far right is Morrissey :L).  I read this quote in a Smiths book (I forget which one )and I think it's the most perfect description of how music changes your life

"There are some records, some twists of lyric and melody that can make you feel that the very fabric of your life is being disrupted, enlightened, touched by an inspiration that won't easily be erased"

I stumbled across this collection of Smiths articles...they're short but sweet. 

She's a Femme Fatale

For my first post I think its only right that I write about my current obsession and favourite fashion icon Edie Sedgwick.

I first noticed Edie in a book I have on The Velvet Underground called an Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side (which you should definitely buy because it is amazing) There is just something so captivating about Edie in this picture.

I think with Edie there are two main looks.

The mix of uptown society girl glamour and down town beatnik style. For this look she wears her signature heavy black kohl liner, dazzling chandelier earrings, a stripy top and black opaque tights.

Her second look shows off her delicate beauty. She dresses like an elfin princess in a pale coloured maxi dress and bare feet as seen in Andy Warhol's Lupe. 

I've been searching for a full version of Lupe everywhere. If anyone knows where I can get it on dvd or vhs please tell me (I'm literally dying to see it)

For Halloween I dressed up as Edie...everyone thought I was some glamed up bride of frankenstein which I am totally okay with ;)

leopard print coat - vintage, stripy top - river island, black shorts - internacionale, earrings - Steve Stasco designs, fishnets - primark, heels - clarks

I stole my mum's leopard print fur coat for the occasion. You can tell its not mine because its literally two sizes too big on me. I also wore these amazing Edie Sedgwick earrings by Steve Stasco who designed the jewellery for the movie Factory Girl starring Sienna Miller. I adore them 

I used glitter hairspray from a Halloween shop, thinking about wearing it everyday now :P

aerial shot

A clip of Edie starring in Andy Warhol's film Poor Little Rich Girl

Thanks for reading my first blog post. Feel free to leave me a comment or just say hello