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Photo Diary: Dublin, Cocktails, The Kills

May was very eventful. I finished college, moved back home and spent most of my time job hunting (still no luck!). I'm quite sad to have left Dublin and my little UCD circle but hopefully the next stage of my life will be as exciting. The first picture is from this post three years ago when I first visited UCD, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic
my film peeps 
celebrating with cocktails
best cheesecake! If you happen to be in Donegal, I recommend The Yellow Pepper for eats
went for a little stroll along Dun Laoghaire Pier with Chris 
pretending to be all chill (top and sunnies from River Island)
Dublin Castle - I've lived in Dublin for three years but I'm still sightseeing hehe

they make Penny Dreadful here so if you wanna be an extra ...
Chris is obsessed with Orchard Thieves, Heineken if you're reading (which I'm sure you are) please bring this to the UK!
visited my family in Carrick Finn, the beach there is so beautiful, even on a less than sunny day
my parents went to London and brought me back lots of goodies from The Rolling Stones Exhibition - people are going to actually think I went :P I wish I could have though, it looks so good
My parents got me these amazing boots from Office for my birthday (even though its 3 months away) I feel like Bowie in them
In March I pre-ordered The Kills new limited edition vinyl and I was part of the lucky 250 who got a signed zine with it :) woo!

I'm pretty unsure with how summer will go this year but I'm going to put a lot of work into writing and blogging