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Inspiration: Romantic

david hamiton, paolo roversi for i-d magazine
eric tibush s/s 13 haute couture paris, wingate paine
elizabeth taylor, karl lagerfeld for vanity fair
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brigitte bardot
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francoise hardy
david hamilton
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I went to see Andy Warhol's retrospective at the Mac in Belfast last week :) 
The exhibition mainly displayed his movie posters and eighties work (which is a tad disappointing tbh) but they did however have a Jackie Kennedy and a Mick Jagger so I was literally in awe. I spent most of the time in two little rooms that were connected to the main hall. One room had Andy's cow wallpaper and his self portrait polaroids. The second room had Warhol's silver balloons and a little tv that displayed some footage from the factory. Downstairs they had a small room with a projector which showed a documentary from the nineties called Superstar. In the evenings they were showing Eat, Sleep, Empire and Beauty no. 2 but sadly I couldn't stay :( As you can see from my picture I literally bought the entire gift shop...oops My favourite is the butterflies print, its going to look so cool in my room. The Marilyn is box canvas so I need to try and figure out how I'm going to hang it. I took some pictures of the museum guide to show you guys...

I wore this skirt to the exhibition. I think the mini sunflower print looks very pop :P (I'm such a geek) 

You weren't really allowed to take pictures inside the museum but I sneaked a few (rebel) I came across this drawing of little James Dean when I was flicking through some of the books. I never seen it before and I really love it

A Rebel Without A Cause sketch
Silver Balloons

Love is a Four Letter Word

 ^^^ this is what I would look like if I was in an indie movie. 
 I was reading this zine and I came this list of 15 reasons why valentine day sucks

except well these e-cards are quite funny

Today's outfit was very cutsie which is strange, the dress is from etsy but its slightly big so I might sell it. I'm also wearing awesome cream lace tights from primark and red velvet shoes from urban outfitters. My book The Lion in Love by Shelagh Delaney arrived today and it couldn't be more appropriate because the first act takes place on valentines day. I can't wait to read it. It looks wonderful. 

I made a valentines playlist because I've got to do something with all this free time, the playlist is full of oldies and it's more upbeat than usual so enjoy.

Hothouse Flowers

I decided to treat myself today so I made daisy cupcakes. I wanted them to look like Marc Jacob's perfume Daisy, they taste so good btw

This video is my dream. All I want is a long hot hazy Summer where I can lie in the grass in a white cotton dress and make daisy chains all day...but ugh its only February :( I'm really loving seventies polaroids at the moment. You can find some greats one at summerof79


I  bought January's American Vogue because I couldn't resist Steven Klein's Hothouse Flowers photo shoot