The Smiths Complete
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The Smiths Complete

I got The Smiths Complete for Christmas and I can't describe how happy I am.There are nine records, four studio, three compilation and one live. You also get two posters, one of the live album Rank and a bigger version of the picture on the box of four girls at a fair (each girl represents a member of the band, hint: the girl at the far right is Morrissey :L).  I read this quote in a Smiths book (I forget which one )and I think it's the most perfect description of how music changes your life

"There are some records, some twists of lyric and melody that can make you feel that the very fabric of your life is being disrupted, enlightened, touched by an inspiration that won't easily be erased"

I stumbled across this collection of Smiths articles...they're short but sweet. 

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