Chanel Autumn Winter RTW 2014
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Chanel Autumn Winter RTW 2014

Chanel have just the best catwalk shows. The supermarket is very cool and very pop art. It reminds me of a scene from a Godard film we looked at in class last week called Tout Vas Bien. (I would show you a picture of the movie but the internet security in my apartment building has blocked most of the streaming sites... no fun)

 I love the primary colours and the rainbow pop art prints most likely a continuation of the spring/summer collection. The chain link and feather dresses outfit with pink elbow length gloves is so cool.The accessories in this show are pretty amazing so I've included mostly close up shots. I like how Chanel have adapted the glitter trainers from the couture collection to tweed, suede and laced up high tops. I love the padlocks on chains and prepackaged Chanel bags. Vogue instagramed a pretty cute picture of Cara and Rihanna at the show.


  1. Such a pretttttttttttty show, wish I could be at all these amazing shows :(

    1. same :( I would love to go and try and sneak in somehow hehe