Under The Skin
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Under The Skin

I went to see Under the Skin this day last week. I haven't posted about it because I've been so busy. Trying to rent my flat to someone is more stressful than I imagined. I loved Under the Skin, not only because Scarlett Johansson looks amazing as an alien seductress but because it's surreal and beautiful and somewhat unsettling but that just seems to add to the beauty. At first I found it difficult to get into the story because its so abstract and surreal but after awhile I started to relax into the pace. I read in Empire that a lot of the scenes were filmed using hidden cameras. I cant believe some of public didn't recognise Scarlett Johansson, although she does look so much different as a glam short haired brunette. Speaking of short haired brunettes heres a picture ...

Its still winter weather here so thats why all the black

The special effects, sound and beauty of every shot make this film one of my favourites. It also says some interesting things about gender and sexuality, particularly the scene at the end... um I dont want to give any spoilers so here are some screen caps. This review says that she looks like Mick Jagger from Performance hehe idk .. And this interview with the director Jonathan Glazer is quite interesting, he talks about the challenges of shooting the film from an alien perspective

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