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I really like this picture because you cant see my face haha Im all about self confidence. This raincoat is perfect, it reminds me of the pvc macs kids in the sixties wore and Miu Miu's raincoat parade. Im going to the beach boys on Thursday, theyre playing in Derry, it should be fun hehe. I set up a depop shop. Im trying to save some money for my trip to Blackpool in July. I cant wait :)

my slightly scuffed but still cute vintage white sunflower shoes
cool prints

coat - topshop
 dress - topshop
tights - topshop
bag - vintage
shoes - vintage


  1. I've just been flicking through your blog- which is why I'm a little far back- and I think you're style is fantastic! Love the vintage feel of all of the looks. Adore your makeup too, red lips are always my favourite