Photo Diary: on an exceptionally rainy tuesday night
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Photo Diary: on an exceptionally rainy tuesday night

the past few weeks...
I bought this grey and white plaid coat in Forever 21 two weeks ago,.I love it because it's petite and not totally oversized like most boyfriend coats
I won an award for an Art History project I did last year.. yay :) I got a small cash prize so I spent it all on a book on Pauline Boty that I've wanted ever since I wrote this post. It's mostly about her life but there are also some great pictures of her and her work
My new Topshop shoes surviving a particularly rainy day
I went to this little gift shop on Wicklow Street, the ceiling is literally covered in chandeliers. It was open at like 9:30pm at night... for all your 24 hour gift shopping needs??
I really want one of these Dali clocks for my future surrealist home
I got these ghost fairy lights in a pound shop, they're so cute that I'm going to leave them up all year hehe
About two weeks ago I saw the Crocodiles in Birmingham. ^^^This is a pic of my boyfriend playing a cover of Jet Boy Jet Girl with them
I got my hair cut today. Its a little shorter but basically the same. I bought this faux leather mini skirt in Pull and Bear. It looks so cool but I feel bad because I'm so supposed to be saving.. opps 


  1. Such a great photos. You have a new follower :)

  2. Lovin the photos. Especially digging your haircut and that wicked store.