Photo Diary: Beaches, Bowling and Blondie
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Photo Diary: Beaches, Bowling and Blondie

insta pictures from summer so far :)
I went to the beach last week, it was a lot more cold than it looks so I didn't get a chance to sunbathe :(
this picture makes Ireland look a lot more exotic than it is
I went to Derry shopping last week and I picked up a record, a purse from River Island and a few things from Topshop
St. Vincent record
me and Chris before we went out <3
the best smelling perfume and the sweetest present
wishing I was in Paris already :P
a picture of Debbie and Warhol from the inside of my new Blondie record
chilling in my bedroom
tennis shoes from Primark, socks from Topshop
I went to Cardiff Bay in May and it was such a nice day out :) 
pierside ferris wheel 

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