The Statement Jacket
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The Statement Jacket

left to right: leather jacket - Gucci S/S 16, denim jacket - Marc Jacobs S/S 16, embroidered bomber - Gucci S/S 16, Marc Jacobs S/S 16

The spring summer collections by Gucci and Marc Jacobs have set the trend this year for statement outerwear. 2016 is all about customizing your beloved denim jacket or investing in painted leather jacket or an embroidered bomber. I've found some amazing jackets on the high street that are pretty similar to the high end styles we seen on the runways last year.

The Leather Jacket

The first jacket by Goldie is available online at Topshop. It has really cute embroidered daisies placed over the sleeves and lapels. It is a more toned down version of the embroidered leather jacket and is also really good value at only £58. The second jacket is a hand painted vintage leather jacket by Elizabeth Thilsley. She makes one of kind leather jackets with sassy slogans painted onto the back. She is launching her collection at Liberty London this week where she will be selling 24 bespoke hand painted leather jackets. The bright pink leather biker jacket from The Ragged Priest is a real stand out piece. It comes with an assortment of slogan badges so you can customize the jacket however you like

The Bomber

The purple satin bomber with embroidered floral detail is a really good imitation for the Gucci embroidered silk bomber. River Island also sell the bomber in black, silver and pink. I love this ASOS bomber jacket because its comes in a bright yellow with a metallic trim. Its really eighties and can be customized to look like the Marc Jacobs bomber with a few enamel pins. I think the black velvet bomber from Topshop has some serious Gucci vibes. The floral embroidery gives the jacket a vintage feel and can really make an all black outfit

The Denim Jacket

There are some amazing denim jackets on ASOS this year. I think the first one with the black spray paint and the phrase 'Didn't Get Caught' really stands out. I love the over sized fit too. The second one by Monki has some really cute embroidered phrases and symbols contained within the upper back section. I love the black denim jacket by the Ragged Priest because it has an assortment of hand painted symbols that are unique to every jacket.

The first denim jacket by ASOS has a number of patches and detailing including a slogan on the back that says 'Daydreamer'. I think its a really good price at €67 considering the amount of detail on it. The black denim jacket from Topshop is a bit more punk than the previous jackets. It has a number of patches on the front, sleeve and a statement patch on the back. The last jacket is another Ragged Priest beauty. It is in more of a kawaii style as it has pastel pink sequined patches that spell out Mermaid. 


It is also quite easy to customize a jacket yourself and make it a more statement piece, especially if you have a beloved denim or leather jacket that you wear all the time. You can buy some really cute pins from a website called Shop Art Theft. It was created by a group of artists after their designs were copied by Zara. By buying from the website you can show your support for independent artists whose work is being stolen by major retail store. I think its good cause and another excuse to buy more cute enamel pins!

Etsy is also a great place to buy patches and pins for customizing jacket. Just search for you favourite band/movie/tv character and you'll be sure to find a patch to match. How cute are these patches that I found on Etsy :)

You can also choose to buy patches and pins from different places you've visited in order to give it a more personal touch. Blogger Helen Anderson made an awesome video on the jacket she has customized with things she bought on her travels. You can also buy patch bundles at Local Heroes and Skinny Dip London. There's so many options so get customizing!

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