January Photo Diary: VU Vinyl, Dream Wife and Bass Practice
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January Photo Diary: VU Vinyl, Dream Wife and Bass Practice

January as usual was a slow month but some of the highlights included picking up some velvet underground vinyl, going to Dream Wife and learning to play bass

I wore my Hades jumper a good few times this month, its still one of my favourite fashion items :)

I bought a few dvds this month, the Marlon Brando documentary was really interesting, it included recordings of Brando himself and different pieces of footage. I haven't gotten around to watching the Godard movie yet but I can't wait because I've heard good things about it

I finally bought Loaded by the Velvet Underground. I don't know why I left it so long because I love Sweet Jane, Rock n Roll and New Age

I also bought this Velvet Underground live record in shop in Bristol called Repsycho, its mostly a vintage shop but in the basement they sell records too. I think the vinyl sleeve is amazing and its a double Lp so theres lots of live recording from 1969 in New York and Texas
using up my Christmas lush goodies - this one is the Christmas Pudding bathbomb
I went to see Dream Wife again this month. They played the Crofters Rights and it was completely sold out. I wore this silver cropped jumper from Urban Outfitters featuring a Dream Wife sticker
Dream Wife <3
as part of my New Year's resolution, I'm learning how to play the bass. I using the game Rocksmith to teach me some songs but I really should buy a book to learn some of the basic technical stuff (or maybe I'll try and find a good youtube tutorial)
I went a jam session in a warehouse in Bristol on the 28th. Its organised by an art collective called Jam Jar and its on the last Saturday of every month

I was also went to see Trainspotting 2 this month and I really liked it. I'm such a big fan of the first one and the second one really suprised me because it wasnt really about heroin this time but its based more on the characters, as always its really funny and Danny Boyle has some really creative shots in it

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