February Photo Diary: Valentines, The Ritz and The Gin Birkins
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February Photo Diary: Valentines, The Ritz and The Gin Birkins

A few pictures from February ...
I tried wearing my hair up once, I didn't keep it up for long, still trying to master the updo
I bought tickets for The Kills in May, its their 15th anniversary so Im sure they will put on an amazing show (as always)
it was sunny for the first time this year so I had to document it

I finally put up The Smiths framed poster Chris bought me last year. We are renting a flat so we aren't allowed to put nails in the wall which is so annoying because id love to decorate it more. Anyway we figured out a way of hanging it without marking the wall (its complicated)

Heres my cheesy smile when Chris gave me some flowers for Valentines Day

my outfit that night wearing all Topshop

I got this amazing and other stories dress this month, I love it but it leaves a trail of glitter everywhere

I went to London to meet up with my auntie and she took me to the The Ritz for a drink, it was very pretty as you can see

the ballroom (we werent really allowed in here)

me and my goofy smile (and some olives)

I got a cocktail called The Ritz 100, it was created for their 100th anniversary, it was made of rum, orange liquer and gold flakes

my auntie got the Marie Antoinette, it was a lot sweeter than mine

I got some Chanel makeup in London too! its my first foray into designer makeup, I got the Le Teint Ultra Tenue foundation in Beige Rose and the Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in La Raffinee. The foundation is a good match to my skintone and really long lasting but it does feel a little heavy on the skin. I really love the lipstick, it honestly feels like velvet and its such a nice pink shade. I've been looking for a subtle pink shade for ages but nothing suited me as well as this one

I also took a really quick trip to Dublin to meet up with some friends. I visited some of my old haunts like Tower Records on Dame Street
I also went to the bookshop on Dame Street called Hodges and Figgus. Unfortunatly I forgot to take any pictures when I was out and I stupidly forgot my phone charger but it was a really nice night out

I went to a gig last week in Bristol that a friend was organising, there were some really great bands from Wales and Bristol. This picture is of The Gin Birkins, check out their bandcamp
I bought a tshirt from them with a picture of Jane Birkin on the front, I can't wait to wear it :P

I also redesigned my blog this month, I hope you like it :)

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