Three Nights in Paris
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Three Nights in Paris

 Earlier this month, I went to Paris for three nights with my boyfriend. It was our third visit so we decided not to visit some of the typical tourist spots and instead explore some parts of the city we missed last time. The highlight of the the trip for me was visiting the Luxembourg Gardens and walking around the Latin Quarter.

Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens was the first place we visited on our first full day. It was a really hot day so we decided to pick up some fruit and pastries and take them to the park. The Luxembourg Gardens are a really lovely place to relax and take a break from the busy city. There's lots of seated areas where you can stay in the shade or soak up the sun. The fountains and the palace are really beautiful. I found it unusual that there were palm trees around the fountains but it makes the place feel a little tropical, especially in the sun.

Saint Germain Des Pres

Saint Germain Des Pres is a really lovely area to walk around. It's quite a wealthy part of town, often known for housing LaDuree and the famous Cafe De Flore but there are also some really lovely spots such as The Fountaine Saint Suplice that we stumbled across. We also visited the Musee D'Orsay. It has some really beautiful pieces including a collection of Van Gogh's works. It also has a great viewing point from the top and a large clock face which overlooks the Seine. As it was so hot during our visit, we sat down by the Seine for awhile and took in some of the views.

Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter near the Notre Dame has quite a mix of cafes and bars with some gems hidden away off the main streets. It often can be quite touristy so you have to wander down a few alleyways to find more secluded spots. I really liked a little park we found across from the Shakespeare and Company shop. It has some really beautiful views of the Notre Dame and it feels quite peaceful for being so central.

Palace of Versailles

On the third day we decided to visit the Palace of Versailles. The palace is quite breathtaking and the gardens are really amazing. The only thing I didn't really like was how touristy it was. A lot of the rooms inside the palace were very packed so I didn't really want to spend too much time inside the palace. I much preferred the palace gardens and grounds.

Maison De Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg's house is a personal favourite. We visited it last time we went to Paris and its just a really special place. Its located in Saint Germain Des Pres, not far from the Seine. The house of the French singer has been left exactly as it was since he died in 1991. However, outside the walls change every other month with new street art appearing in commemoration of Serge Gainsbourg and his partner and muse Jane Birkin.

Where We Ate

Food was a bit hit and miss this time. However, wine and desserts were the highlight for me most nights. On the first night we arrived pretty late so a lot of the restaurants were closing. We didn't have long to choose somewhere so we ate at a place called Le Lutece. I had fish on a bed of vegetables but it was a little plain. However, I did enjoy an apple tart I bought and the waiter was very nice.
On the second night we went to Montmatre and ate at the square near the Sacre Coeur at a restaurant called Au Cadet de Gascogne. We didn't a have the best service there but I did enjoy my pizza and wine (very Fernch lol). The square which I think is called Place de Tetre has a really nice atmosphere at night. I would definitely recommend visiting Montmatre at night.
The next night we weren't really sure where to eat and were really tired from walking so we ate at a cafe near Shakespeare and company called La Bucherie. We didn't have the best experience there. The food was average and the waiters were more interested in talking around new customers than the customers they did have. I would recommend trying to find cafes on side streets. They have a much better atmosphere. After leaving the restaurant, we took a walk along the Seine and Saint Germain Des Pres. Even though it started raining really heavy, we decided to walk to a restaurant we ate at the first time we visited Paris. Its called Zero Zero Sevres and its in an area called Vaneau. I had a gourmet coffee which is honestly the nicest thing, we need it in the UK. It consists of a shot of espresso, and a trio of desserts. I had a mini creme brulee, a pot of tiramisu and a chocolate mousse ... yum!
On the last day, we had lunch in a nice cafe near our hotel in the 14th arrondissement. I think it was called La Bouffarde. I had a lovely omelette and a cappuccino. On the way to the airport, we stopped off at Saint Michel and I had an amazing flower shaped gelato with a macaroon on top from a shop called Amorino. I think they have one in London too. I spotted it earlier that day and decided that I needed one!

Well done on making it this far, its been a long post! I hope you've picked up a few ideas of where to go the next time you visit Paris.

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