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Last week I went to Edinburgh to visit a college. I applied to study computing but I am totally confused about courses and choices and the whole college thing. I was a little was disappointed with the campus. I had such a fun time shopping though. I bought The Waves by Virginia Woolf which I've been dying to read for ages and I went to a really cool vintage shop on Market Street called Armstrongs. It had lots of old sixties go go dresses, fur coats and various other thrifty things. I also passed an amazing record shop but I couldn't buy any records because I had didn't have room in my suitcase :( Just to do something touristy I went to the Scottish National Gallery. Even though I prefer modern art, I loved their exhibition on impressionism. These two paintings were my favourites....

The Pink Bedroom by Edouard Vuillard
Populars on The River Epte - Claude Monet
The thing about art is that it looks rubbish on a computer screen but in real life it is unbelievable. I also went to a contemporary art museum called The Fruitmarket. They had an exhibition by an artist called Massimo Bartolini. Downstairs the exhibition space was covered in a collection of multi- coloured lights that reacted to the sound of a voice. Upstairs there was a work bench displaying various objects and sculptures. This was accompanied by a video of the artist explaining his works. For example he explains that one of the objects - a blue marble tile is a  project he is doing with another artist (Joseph Dalle Nogare) in which they search within a block of marble for a pattern that recalls the sky. I know it sounds strange but the exhibition had such a calming affect on me. I think art galleries are the most peaceful places to be. 
Here are some pictures I took of Edinburgh which are all incredibly blue...

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