Sheet #1
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Sheet #1

Teresa Schulten, Daljit Kaur
Daniel Lambert-Maddocks , Oliver Dunn
Richard James Stuart  , Nora Hollstein
Abby Jones, Richard James Stuart
Johannes Linner , Nora Hollstein
Laurence Wood , Abby Jones
Oliver Dunn , Harriet Jones
Johannes Linner
Robyn Aubury , Oliver Dunn
Abby Jones , Laurence Wood 
 Nora Hollstein , Johannes Linner
Daniel Lambert-Maddocks , Abby Jones
Robyn Aubury , Richard James Stuart
Claire Duffy , Daniel Lambert Maddocks
Jamie Mattocks , Teresa Schulten

 I picked up this zine at urban outfitters recently...well tbh its more like a graphics magazine than a zine, but then again what can be really considered a zine... can it be anything at all? I really like how this zine is designed. They placed contrasting illustrations opposite each other so that when you fold it out, the full picture is revealed. My favorite artist from this issue is Oliver Dunn...
Oliver Dunn

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