Who are you Polly Magoo?
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Who are you Polly Magoo?

Today I dressed up as Dorothy MacGowan from Who are you Polly Magoo? because hey why not!
Me as Polly Magoo from the 1960s french film Qui Etes-Vous Polly Magoo?

I watched the film Who are you Polly Magoo? last night. It's a movie that I've been dying to see for ages. I couldn't find a English version so a lot of the time I didn't fully understand what was going on :/ but it didn't matter because everyone looked amazing hehe 

Renowned fashion photographer and film maker William Klein ridicules the fashion industry in this 1960s satire. William Klein was known for challenging the traditional views of fashion and experimenting with fashion photography. Klein's love of avant garde and experimentalism can be seen in a great scene in which Polly discusses her feelings towards her appearance. The shot is layered with picasso like portraits which highlight the influence of modernism on the film. The opening scene has to be my favourite...a runway show featuring models wearing outfits made from sheets of aluminium. 

There are so many famous faces in this movie. It was a challenge just to name them all. I recognized  Donyale Luna at the fashion show, Peggy Moffitt also appeared a few times and at one point I think I saw Richard Avedon. I'm not quite sure (due to my poor understanding of french) but I think some the film's plot is related to the lead actress's life story. I absolutely love Richard Avedon and his artistic style really fits with the movie. He has a really unique way of photographing portraits which captures the essence of the subject in a unique moment in time. I love this famous 1968 portrait of Twiggy and the very late sixties portraits of the Beatles which borderline on pop art.

I read that Dorothy MacGowan was spotted by a talent agent from a crowd of Beatles fans... that's the dream right, meeting The Beatles and modelling for Elle. The eye makeup in this movie is amazing. I was trying my best to replicate it using eylure lashes and L'oreal Paris liquid eyeliner.

I got these fake eyelashes because they say Queen Of Mod on the box hehe 
I also got these giant sixties hoops from a wear, they are similar to ones I wore in this post
Who are you Polly Magoo? in Elle Collections S/S 13 Magazine. Peggy Moffitt looks amazing in this photograph
Vidal's Sassoon's five point cut is everywhere in this film. I got this wonderful book in tk maxx. It has two pages each dedicated to different designers, models, actresses and it girls of the sixties <3


  1. Looove the makeup (not to mention the Marilyn photo on the wall) ;)

    1. Thank you... I love your post on Edie Sedgwick

  2. You look soooooo wonderful and I want to watch this film now!!! :)

  3. you look just like her! gorgeous!