English Rose featuring Suki Waterhouse Tatler June 2013
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English Rose featuring Suki Waterhouse Tatler June 2013

I bought Tatler today. How beautiful does Suki Waterhouse look? I am in love with her atm. One minute she dresses like a sixties babydoll and the next she's sort of grunge. I love the gold hoop earrings with the fur coat, she is the perfect muse. Her website has some great photos

New British Beauties 
styled by Katie Grand
photographed by Angeo Pennetta

black and white moody photos <3 love
the model on the left is Eliza Cummings - her Marc Jacobs fishnet dress reminds me of the dress Jane Birkin wore to the premiere of her movie Slogan. The model on the right is Olympia Campbell, Edie Campbells little sister
Imagine wearing a Dior skirt and a fur stole and nothing else :o the photo on the right is so angelic, it makes me want to wear nothing but white
Mary Charteris is married to Robbie Furze from the band The Big Pink, they sing that song Dominos. I think her hair would look amazing cut really short
the model on the left is Lily McMenamy, daughter of Kristen McMenamy. Is it just me or does she look like the female version of Julian Casablancas? :P I don't know what I'm more jealous of, the fact that she plans to study the history of art at the Sorbonne next year or the fact that she is wearing head to toe Louis Vuitton
this photo of Suki in an Alexander Mc Queen dress is so cool

I just really love this editorial ... so yeah

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