Photo Diary: Weddings and Birthdays
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Photo Diary: Weddings and Birthdays

Last week it was my 20th birthday so my baby came over to visit :) We went bowling and then to an American diner and after drinking with friends. The next day my uncle got married so we got all fancy and tried to act like cool cats who were definitely not hungover
I got my dress at Littlewoods. Its been reduced twice since I bought it which is more than annoying. I got my clutch bag at Coast and my heels at Dunnes Stores. I decided to get my hair curled which was a total mistake considering how windy it was that day.
I got the best presents for my birthday :) So far I've listened to all the records, read the first few chapters of The Last Picture Show and watched Les Chansons D'amour
Roll call : St. Vincent, Beat Happening, The VU, Dum Dum Girls, Les Chansons D'Amour, The Dreamers x3,  Edie, BB, The Last Picture Show, 60s fashion looks
a goose
hiding from the paparazzi
ace reading material and an even better movie
I bought this black beret from river island for "my college look" 
I also went to see Lucy. I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi or action movies but I really liked it, I think it was the girl power or the fact that I love any movie with Scarlett Johansson in it

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