Cult of Love
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Cult of Love

It's my last week at home before I leave for college so I'm just hanging out in my room listening to music and watching movies. 
 Literally all of my outfit is from Topshop. I bought the paisley mini skirt from my cousin because I loved it so much. Topshop are selling some really cute mini skirts atm. I bought the sandals in the Topshop sale, they were supposed to go with a coral dress I wore to a wedding but they turned out to be more peach than pink, I couldn't bring myself to return them hehe
Too True by The Dum Dum Girls - I was listening to this record all day, hence the title Cult of Love
I watched Ciao! Manhattan last night. The movie is about the life of Edie Sedgwick and the late stages of the sixties revolution. Towards the end of the movie it starts to focus on mind control and aliens and to be honest I couldn't follow the plot at all haha. On the the back of the dvd there is a quote from The Village Voice which describes the film as "The Citizen Kane of the drug generation" so maybe that's why there was a wealthy business man influencing the other characters, maybe?? Although I did really enjoy the footage of the factory and Edie's Sedgwick's audio interviews (most of that footage is on youtube if you're interested). Edie died three months after the making of the film so it was interesting to see what she was like in the weeks leading up to her death. 
There is an article in the booklet by one of the directors David Weisman. He talks about the misfortunes of the Edie Sedgwick and Paul America and how they influenced the film's production. The film took almost five years to produce because the leading stars where unable to continue filming. Edie had suffered severe burns from a fire she accidentally started in her room at the Chelsea Hotel and Paul America was in jail for a narcotics charge. It is shocking how much of the film is based on real life events. One of the final scenes is filmed in Paul America's actual prison cell. The directors John Palmer and David Weisman struggled to make sense of the unfinished film so they decided to piece together the 35mm black and white footage of Edie Sedgwick in Manhattan with the footage of Edie Sedgwick in California creating a parallel between her glory days and her tragic downfall.  


  1. nice outfit! i love your blog as well
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  2. Lovely outfit! you have a fab hair x