Bedroom Makeover
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Bedroom Makeover

I'm moving back to Dublin tomorrow and I'm so sad to be leaving my room. I'm so emotionally attached to all my things that I'm bringing like four suitcases with me!
 I decorated my room about a month ago and I love how it looks. I painted the walls and put up the wallpaper with my mum so I've learnt a lot about DIY and why not to do it yourself! still, it does give you some satisfaction to see it all finished
I got the bed linen and cushion from Penneys the pillow is from Matalan :) The wallpaper is from Harry Corry.
I have two posters on either side of my bed. I got The Smiths one with the Rank vinyl. I have side panels by my bed that I like to keep little knick knacks in. I also have a blue lava lamp as a tribute to the 90s
My bedside locker featuring the book I'm currently reading. Its called Champagne Supernovas its about the fashion industry in the nineties and focuses on Kate Moss, Alexander Mc Queen and Marc Jacobs. The blue desk lamp is from Dunnes Stores
I got the Blondie poster with the 40th anniversary vinyl and I got The Beatles lunchbox at The Beatles themed Cirque du Soleil show that I went to about four years ago. I like to keep all my ticket stubs in it. I also have a Diana F+ camera that I bought from Amazon and a Polaroid that I got at a second hand shop
My Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe box print is sitting by my bed at the moment because I havent fixed it on the wall yet. I bought it at the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Mac in Belfast a few years ago
A Blow Up poster that I got from ebay
curtain and tassel from Harry Corry
I still have glow in the dark solar system stickers on my ceiling that I put up there when I was eight, I wanted to do the whole ceiling at the time 
I got this 5x4 photo frame from Penneys 
My desk featuring a clock from TK Maxx , a memory box and some of my books
notebooks :)
some of my favourite books
some ticket stubs and pictures of idols. I got the mirror from a second hand shop and I decorated the light switch with stickers
I got these white rose fairy lights from Penneys 
my record player and record collection featuring my beloved Smiths boxset. The record player is my dads so its very old and very big! it also has a cassette player and cd changer
My dressing table has been taken over by my record player and jukebox but in the middle I like to keep lots of trinkets, jewellery and perfume. I tend to gather a lot of trinkets but I put a lot of it away this week because I was struggling to see my mirror!

I hoped you like my room tour :)



  1. Your room looks so awesome! I love the posters and how cool and crisp it is :))


  2. That jukebox is awesome! Do you know where I can get it?

    Beth x

    1. I got it from a music shop in Belfast but you can buy them on Amazon :)