Photo Diary: Mac Demarco and The Last Days of Summer
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Photo Diary: Mac Demarco and The Last Days of Summer

last week I went to Porthcawl with Chris, the weather was pretty nice so I got one last shot at summer hehe 
unfortunately the funfair was closed :( but we had such a nice time at the beach
spying out my future party boat
a Polaroid of me at the beach
so beautiful
coincidently standing beside an ice cream sign hehe 
we also went to Bristol to see Mac Demarco
a pitcher of Blue Lagoon looking so tasty :P
looking cute before the gig
at the start of Mac's set I was this close to the stage but by the end I was standing at the back :L the crowd were so pushy and it really ruined the gig for me, I thought a Mac Demarco gig would be a lot more chilled
taking a picture of each other at the same time :P I'm going to miss summer
I went college book shopping but I came back with a Smiths record and The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams which I'm not even studying. I cant wait until Christmas when I can read all my non college related books
The Smiths record is a bootleg of The Troy Tate Recordings which are early recording of songs from 1983 like I Don't Owe You Anything and Reel Around the Foundation which were intended for The Smiths debut album. After an initial pressing the recordings were scrapped and the album was re recorded with John Porter. This is part two so I'm interested in finding out whats in part one
this is the last time Ill be able to wear tops like this for another 10 months ... sigh

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