Photo Diary: The Christmas Holidays
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Photo Diary: The Christmas Holidays

I'm going back to uni tomorrow so I thought I'd make a post looking back over this month, It's been such a great Christmas and New Year and I'm missing it already :( I took the picture above before I left home, I'm wearing a top from Topshop and a hat from Penneys. I had really frizzy hair  that day so this hat was the only thing that helped, plus black hats make any outfit slightly cooler. I'm also wearing a new eyeshadow palette from Seventeen, its full of really pretty nudes, pinks and shimmery golds/coppers. I might do a review sometime (the beauty area of the blogging world is so intimidating eek)

New Years was such an amazing time, it was me and my boyfriends two year anniversary so we went to the fireworks in Cardiff to celebrate and ring in the new year. He bought me a big framed poster of Morrissey and Marr as an anniversary present, he knows me too well

I had such a relaxing time at home with my family. I starting reading some of my books for college, its so much easier to read when there is no time pressure. The Virgin Suicides is my favourite book so far. I bought some lush things in Dublin in order to make my break super relaxing.It was also my Dad's 50th birthday, we had a party so I got to meet up with the two sides of my family

It was also my brothers birthday so we went out for a meal, I got this lemon tart for dessert, it was so yummy. We also went to see the Hateful Eight. I really liked it, not as much as some of the earlier Tarantino movies but it was still pretty enjoyable. I didn't like Django Unchained that much so maybe its just the western genre that I'm not feeling.I also made an 8tracks based on songs that could be in a Tarantino or have a Tarantino aesthetic (you know what I mean). You used to be able to embedd 8tracks in blogger but I can't seem to now :( I feel like blogspot really needs to do some updates and keep up with some other social networking sites. Anyway here's a link to my playlist :) I gave my room a big clear out and I found lots of magazines and zines I bought from etsy. I really want to start buying zines again, theyre so fun to collect. 
I went back to Dublin a few days early in order to go to a film conference called The Film Network run by the Trinity film society. There were talks by Irish filmmakers like Ed Guiney, the producer of Room and The Lobster, Tim Fleming, the director of Once and Jenny Oman, the set designer for Brooklyn and Frank. It was a really interesting insight into how film sets are actually run and how to get a film into production. I have class tomorrow at 11am so I better finish this post here and catch some zzzs


  1. I watched the Virgin Suicides film adaptation semi-recently and loved it, so I've been meaning to read the book at some point. I also really agree with the love for Tarantino, but not the western genre. It seems like you have great taste, and this was a lovely read! xx
    -Linden Kirk

    1. the book is really good but I prefer the movie because its such a visceral story, thanks for reading :)