New Years Resolutions/ A 2016 To Do List
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New Years Resolutions/ A 2016 To Do List

 After recovering from New Years celebrations, I thought I'd bite the bullet and make a list of all the things I'd like to achieve in 2016. I don't plan on cutting out on anything, I'd rather take on new challenges and improve on existing ones. 

Finish my Degree

My main priority in 2016 is to finish my degree. I've probably mentioned before that I'm currently studying English and Film at University College Dublin. I only have one semester left so I'm determined to keep my grades up. I'll be spending a lot of January reading and preparing for next semester in order to keep the final year stress to a minimum. 


My second new year's resolution is the most typical but for me its a long time due. As someone who spends a substantial amount reading or sitting at a laptop, my fitness level is basically at zero. I plan on walking to college in the morning instead of taking a bus and going to the gym on the weekends.

Learn How To Cook

I really want to achieve this resolution because I'm really tired of eating boring meals. I find it really hard to cook in college because for one thing I have a really tight budget when it comes to grocery shopping and secondly I get home late during the weekdays and I usually resort to oven chips and salad. I really want to learn how to make substantial vegetarian food. I'd also love to make my own sauces from scratch. Admittedly, I made this resolution last year but I think this year I will finally learn how to make a meal that myself and others will enjoy!

Find a Job

This is the most challenging task of 2016. I will be finishing college next May and I'll be looking for a job almost immediately. I will be applying for jobs in Bristol so I will spending my Christmas break researching jobs and figuring out the job-searching process. If anyone has any advice about looking for a job in a different country or any stories about their experience landing a job then leave a comment below, it will be much appreciated :)

Move House

I'm really excited about the prospect of moving into a new flat with my boyfriend. I've been living in Dublin with other students for the best part of three years so I'm looking forward to making my new place feel more like home and decorating it with various pictures of bands hehe. However, I'm also a little apprehensive about the prospect of moving country and looking for a flat in a completely new city, I intend on moving from Dublin to Bristol. It will take time to get used to a new area but I'm really excited to start a new chapter of my life. 

Go to More Gigs

In 2015 I saw my boys Johnny Marr and Morrissey so it was a pretty good year. Next year I want to go to a lot more gigs. I have tickets for Wolf Alice in March but I'd also love to go to a festival in Manchester called Cosmosis, the lineup is so good. I'd also love to see The Kills live, they are releasing an album this year so hopefully they will tour in the UK

Write More

This resolution is along the lines of the compulsory "must blog more" resolution but I also intend on figuring out what kind of things I like to write about. I plan on writing more reviews and personal posts in order to find a personal writing style. As I'm finishing college in May, I'd like to maintain my writing skills by trying to write a little everyday. I also think reading is very important to creative writing so I intend on continuing the habit of regularly reading. Last year I made a reading challenge on goodreads to read at least 15 books in 2015. I ended up reading 19 books last year so this year I will set the target for 20 books.  

Take more pictures

My final resolution for 2016 is to take  more pictures. I will be going through a lot of new experiences this year and I'd like to capture a lot of the memories along the way. I want to finally figure out how to use my dslr camera properly and I also want to take more photographs on disposable cameras. I plan on printing out a lot of the pictures that I've taken on my iphone and putting them in photo albums. I just love looking back on old photographs.

I hope you all have a good 2016!


  1. we're pretty much in the same boat- I just finished my degree and am now faced with adult life, so I'd like to learn how to cook but my main priority is to find further study or get a job and slowly move towards moving out

    writing more and taking photos (I want to get into film again...) are at the top of the list! :)

    1. What did you study? Yeah I want to get into film again too, I do watch a lot of films but I haven't seen any that I really love in a good while.