Photo Diary: February
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Photo Diary: February

February has been a busy month, because its my final year at uni, I've had so much work but I managed to fit in a few little things :)
At the start of the month, I went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I love visiting this museum because the building itself and the grounds are so beautiful. It also helps that its free for students
literally everything is this aesthetically pleasing
I went to see an exhibition on surrealism called What We Call Love. I enjoyed seeing Dali's couple with their head full of clouds but the rest of the exhibition was a little disappointing tbh
I bought a pair of Adidas this month because I need some proper shoes to walk to college in. I bought white gazelles because I wasn't really sure if the superstars would suit me. I got them in Office because they were offering 25% student discount at the time
It's been super cold and rainy this month. I escaped the cold weather for all of last year but its finally here and I'm currently recovering from the cold :( At least there has been some nice skies like this one  :)
At the start of the month, I went to see Chris. We went to Frankie and Bennys which is practically our date night restaurant at this point hehe I'm not complaining though, the food there is great
we also went our for a friends birthday and I got super drunk so lets just skip on past that
I met up with some family too. We went to a sushi place in Dublin called Tippenyaki. The sushi came in a cute little boat so I took a picture aha After sushi, we went to see The Revenant. I didn't expect to like it but I ended up loving it. 
I bought these boots in a shoe store in Letterkenny when I was shopping with my mum. They were reduced to €20 so I was like yas please. They are also super comfy because they are really soft in the inside
last week Chris came over to visit :) I got a cold towards the end of the week so we had to cancel our cute date night but we did manage to go out for drinks before he left :) 


  1. there's nothing worse than going to an exhibition and only one piece is any good- other than that you seem to be enjoying all things in moderation. I hope your last year of uni is going well so far!

    1. I know, I hate when exhibitions are disappointing but in general most ones I've been to have been quite good. Thanks, I have a two week break starting tomorrow so I cant wait :P