Photo Diary: June
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Photo Diary: June

a photo diary of things I got up to in June (insert beach related emojis here)
last week I visited Chris and we went to Barry Island in South Wales, we were lucky enough to go on the sunniest day of the week :) a lot of the fair wasn't open so we took a walk along the beach and got some chips, you know typical seaside things
Barry Island Beach
We also played some mini golf, it was so much fun even if I did lose :(
as you can see it was pirate themed hehe
we also went to a cocktail bar in Cardiff that day called Lab 22, they had a prohibition themed night with twenties style cocktails and a live jazz band, unfortunately we couldn't stay for the band but we are definitely going to go again this month
this was literally this nicest cocktail I've ever had
it was super hot at the start of the month so I did a little sunbathing which was perfect after finishing my exams :) I also got a temporary job as a waitress in a diner so I was working for a lot of June
I also went to another beach! one closer to home this time though
one of the reasons I love summer is because I love summer music, my favourite bands to listen to in summer are The Stone Roses, Melody's Echo Chamber, Peace and Alvvays

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  1. These photos are so pretty! Would love to visit different parts of the UK as there are so many places to explore :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x