New Years Resolutions 2017
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New Years Resolutions 2017

Looking back on last year's new year's resolutions, I realized that I achieved a lot of my resolutions but not always in the way I thought I would. I finished my degree but then I decided that I would do a Masters in a different subject. I found a job in Bristol but its part time along side my degree. I moved to Bristol like I planned and I went to lots of gigs including one of my favourite bands The Kills, twice! so overall 2016 was a good year. Like last year, this year's new years resolutions is more of a do to list with lots of goals that I want to achieve during 2017.

Finish my Masters

The most important goal of 2017, is to finish my masters. I'm doing a Masters in Marketing Communications which is a change from my undergraduate degree in English and Film. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot about an area that I'm really interested in. I think the hardest part of this goal is writing the 15,000 word dissertation before September but I know it will be an amazing achievement.

Get an Internship

I really want to get an internship in marketing early this year or during the Summer. It would be amazing to be able to work in marketing part-time alongside my degree. I don't have much marketing experience and these days its what employers always look for. I'm going to get my CV looking sharp and start looking this month.

Pass my Driving Test

I really want to pass my driving test. I've been taking lessons on and off for about four years now but I've been away from home so much that its been hard to practice. I am considering taking my theory test in England and doing my test here instead of Ireland. It would be amazing to have the freedom of being able to drive and I feel like it will be necessary when I get a full time job.

Get a Job in Marketing

This is the hardest goal of the year and the one that is on every one of my new years resolutions lists. I will be looking for a full time job in Marketing in August and I hope that with a bit of luck I will find a job. I hope to have a job in time to move into a new flat in September so fingers crossed.

Learn the Bass Guitar

I'm looking forward to this one a lot. I really love music and I've decided that its not to late to learn an instrument I really like. The bass feels a lot more me that a guitar and plus I can play alongside my boyfriend. I will be teaching myself along with a lot of help from my boyfriend so it will take some serious practice but hopefully I will be good enough to play at an open mic night by the end of the

Blog More Regularly

I really want to blog more regularly but I've found it hard towards the end of this year to find the time because I've been working in a restaurant and doing my masters. This year I will try to take some outfit pictures, some lifestyle posts and write a lot more. I want to use my blog to show that I can create more creative content. I miss the satisfaction of posting something different or putting together something you've worked hard on.


I really want to travel more this year, not only abroad but around the UK too. I really want to take a trip to Manchester, visit friends in Dublin and maybe travel to Europe. I would love to visit Rome or Venice.

I hope there will be a lot less celebrity deaths this year and a lot more positive news. I hope you achieve your goals this year too, happy new year :) 

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  1. Great goals for this year! I need to pass my driving test too but it doesn't look like it's happening at this rate :p
    Feel free to check out my latest post x