Seven Alternative Events in Bristol This January
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Seven Alternative Events in Bristol This January

In a bid to get to know the city of Bristol better this year, I've been scouring Facebook events to find some fun things to do this month. I thought I'd compile this list for you too because sharing is caring and all. If you are looking for an alternative night out, then I've got you covered

Twin Peaks Night

Where: The Louisiana
When: 10th January (tomorrow) at 8:30pm
How Much: £5

The Louisiana are screening of the first two episodes of Twin Peaks tomorrow with a side of coffee and cherry pie (not sure if they are serious about the pie). Its the perfect event for Twin Peaks fans anxiously waiting for the new series or the perfect introduction to one of the biggest cult shows.

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Taxi Driver

When: 10th of January 7:30pm or 13th January 10pm
Where: Showcase Bristol Cinema De Lux
How Much: £8.10 (student), £10:30 (general)

If Twin Peaks isn't your cup of tea then you can catch a screening of Taxi Driver this week in any Showcase cinema. Taxi Driver is a critically acclaimed movie directed by Martin Scorsese about a mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran who works as a taxi driver in the seedy streets of New York.  I am very excited to see Taxi Driver on the big screen tomorrow, its been a few years since I seen it and I know Ill be blown away again.

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Dream Wife

When: 19th of January at 7:30pm
Where: The Crofters Rights
How Much: £8.00

I seem to becoming Dream Wife's PR lady because if mentioned them quite a few times on this blog already but I will be heading to this event in Bristol next week. I'm sure it will be an awesome night filled with music, dancing and craft beer.

Facebook Event

Les Demoiselles De Rochefort

When: 19th January 8pm
Where: The Cube
How Much: £5

As fate would have it Les Demoiselles De Rochefort is showing at the Cube the same night as Dream wife :( As a lover of French cinema, this movie has been on my watchlist for a very long time and I'm disappointed that I want be able to go. However, if you are free you should go! Les Demoiselles De Rochefort or The Young Girls of Rochefort (en Anglais) is a French musical featuring Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac who play two sisters who leave their seaside town of Rochefort in search of romance. It is the follow up to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg which is also a must see of French new wave cinema.

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Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

When: 21st January 11:am to 5pm
Where: The Passengers Shed
How Much: £3

Lou Lou's are hosting a January Sale special at the Passenger Shed which is right beside Temple Meads Station. There will be over 80 vintage stalls, a tea room and a live performance. There is even a vintage beauty salon where you can get victory rolls, pin curls and beehives.

Facebook Event

Trainspotting Party

When: 27th January 9pm-3am
Where: The Lanes
How Much: £3 (before 11pm) £4 (after 11pm)

If you are heading to the opening night of Trainspotting 2 then you should pop over to the Lanes after to hear that amazing soundtrack one more time. They will be playing nineties indie and rave anthems all night with lots of drinks specials. The Lanes are part bowling alley/part night club so you also have to option to throw a few bowls while you down a few shots.

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Supersonic Britpop Club Night

When: 27th of January 11pm-4am
Where: The Fleece
How much: £4 (advance) £5 (on the door)

If you didn't get enough nineties anthems at The Lanes then you could head to The Fleece's Nineties Britpop Night. The Fleece have a britpop club night on the last Friday of every month. Its probably the only place that play bands like Oasis, Pulp, Blur and The Stone Roses all night.

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