September to October Photo Diary: Alvvays, Manchester, Peace
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September to October Photo Diary: Alvvays, Manchester, Peace

I am suuuper late with this one because I've just been so busy since I started working. I thought about not making this post but I do really love looking back over my photo diaries. I've combined September and October in this post so I can bring you right up to date.

In September I went to see Alvvays in Bristol. I've wanted to see Alvvays since they released their first album in 2014, so I was so happy to finally see them! My favourite song from the new album in Plimsoll Punks but I also like Dreams Tonite. They also have such a cool video for Dream Tonite because they spliced themselves into archival footage of a World Fair in Montreal in 1967. It looks impressive and gives the song a really cool feel. 

I seen them in a venue called Thekla in Bristol which is such a cool place because it is literally a boat with a stage under deck. It is one of the few places left in Bristol that is available for bands to play in but sadly it might close due redevelopment/gentrification. I've seen this happen both in Bristol and Cardiff. In Cardiff two venues threatened to close, The Moon and Clwb Ifor Bach due to noise regulation after Weatherspoons proposed to open a hotel on the same street. It makes me so angry that music venues are closing because the council would rather listen to developers than their citizens. Its really ripping the heart and soul out of cities. I mean who needs more shops and offices in ugly glass buildings!! If you feel the same you can sign a petition to save Thekla from closure, I don't know how persuasive an online petition will be but at least its something. 

On a happier note, I submitted my dissertation and I got my results all within a month. I got a distinction overall which I am super happy about and I also found out today that I won an award for the best performance on my degree programme!! So on the academic front I am on fire!!

This is one of the looks from September, I went into full Autumn mode with this plum vintage jumper. I was also trying out a new hairstyle because I've been having a hair crisis recently (more to come on that front)

I also found this vintage bag that I left at home in Ireland for some crazy reason because it is literally so nice. It has a cute sixties shape and goes so well with this black vinyl skirt trend that I totally bought into. I was going for Chanel vibes in this flat lay as you can probably tell.

I bought some black loafers this month which is a major tick off my wishlist. I've been searching for loafers that fit me for ages becasuse I have really weirdly shaped feet and literally nothing fits but I found these loafers in TK Maxx and they were on sale too!

I've started to explore Cardiff a bit more and I went to their independent cinema called Chapter. Its a multi arts venue with an art gallery and a restaurant too.

I went to see a movie called Daphne which was so good. Its about a Londoner that witnesses a violent robbery which causes her to question her life and relationships. It's just really witty and interesting. I loved Emily Beecham's performance too, I need to see more things by her.

The Barker Tea House is another cool place to go to in Cardiff. Its in the Castle Aracade and its just like a Parisian Cafe. It also does the nicest tea and cake. 

I went to Manchester in October to see St. Vincent!

I was a disappointed in St. Vincent tbh. I seen her back in 2014 and it was amazing. She had so much energy and her band was so good. Now that she has dropped her band, her old songs sound really flat. It also wasnt enjoyble because she was standing by herself on the corner of the stage and I could barely see her. Things did pick up during her new album because the songs suited a solo performance a lot more and the visuals did help it give it a bit more energy. I still like her new album Masseduction a lot but I wouldn't see her again unless she brought back her band. 

It was my first time in Manchester so I went to the Northern Quarter and went to Night and Day Cafe and Jimmys for a few pints. They both seemed like really nice venues, I love that Manchester really values its bands and music venues.

I honestly wish I could decorate my flat like this

The next day we decided to take a trip to the Salford Lads Club. It was kind of silly to walk miles in the rain considering there isn't much to see there but I'm such a Smiths fan so being in Manchester, it was kind of a must.

I went to see Peace last month too. I've loved Peace for ages so it was a major tick off my music bucket list. I did enjoy seeing them but it was ruined quite a lot by the crowd. It was really crazy in the venue and I got knocked around a lot and I couldnt hear Peace properly either. Maybe I'm just getting old but I much prefer a chilled out crowd especially for bands like Peace.

I wore this sassy number to the gig. Silver boots, fishnets and a glitter dress is the ultimate combo.

... and finally we have Halloween. I didnt do anything for Halloween this year, I think its been the most un-Halloween Halloween in living memory. I didn't know anyone who did anything for it and there was many events on :P Its sad because I do love the season. I did however, carve this pumpkin, as you can see I am a pro and will be taking bookings for next year ;)

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  1. great photos! seems like you had an interesting two months! Have a wonderful December! :) Anyway, just saying hello all the way from the Philippines! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like. Have a wonderful day! :)

    xoxo, rae