August Photo Diary: First Month in Cardiff, My Birthday and Wolf Alice
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August Photo Diary: First Month in Cardiff, My Birthday and Wolf Alice

I always love August not only because its my birthday month but because it always has great weather and it feels like the last celebration of Summer. I know a lot of people love Winter but Im dreading leaving the Sun behind. I think if you are born in Summer you just like Summer and vice versa.

At the beginning of August, I moved out of my flat in Bristol. I was actually so sad to leave because I loved my flat and the area I lived in. I will also miss all the cool things there are to do in Bristol but Cardiff is only an hour away so I wont miss out too much.

Before I left, I went to the Bristol Balloon Festival with the charity I was interning with this Summer. Although I couldnt stay to see any of the hot air balloons, I did really enjoy the festival especially since the weather was so nice.

The weekend before my birthday I went out in Cardiff with a few friends. This is the picture I took before I got rained on and competely ruined my hair haha

On the day of my birthday I had a really nice day shopping with Chris, I got some things for the flat, a bag and some loafers.

Chris got me this beautiful necklace and the dress I'm wearing in the last picture. The necklace is even more special because it looks exactly like the necklace he gave me on our first Christmas together that I lost in Paris. 

We went to Cote Brassiere for my birthday meal. I love the atmosphere in there, it feels like you are dining in Paris, also the garlic bread is amazing!! lol

Afterwards we went next door to Bills and got some drinks and dessert

My doughnut in take this month is shocking!

We also went to see Wolf Alice in Pontypridd near Cardiff. Wolf Alice were doing an intimate tour where they play in lots of small venues around the UK. I couldn't believe it when I saw they were playing in Pontypridd, the last time I seen them was in the Motopoint Arena in Cardiff. They were honestly so good this time, they are a band that should always play small venues. You dont get the same buzz at an arena. I love their new songs Yuk Foo and Beautifully Unconventional, I can't wait to hear the new album now!

I also went to Hubfest in Cardiff this month. They had lots of bands playing in venues around Womanby Street in Cardiff.

A friend recommended Rainbow Maniac and I loved them, you should check them out

It was such a nice night, I just love festivals in a city.

I've also been exploring Cardiff myself this month. It takes a while to get used to a new city but I'm starting to find my way around it.

Last week I went for a walk around Bute Park in the sun, I cant believe how big it is.

Last weekend we went to Cardiff Bay for a few hours because it was so nice out

They had a fair on but it was really for young children so I couldnt participate :( but it was still a fun little day out nonetheless

September will be an interesting month because I have to submit my 20,000 word dissertation and find a job, eek! wish me luck ...


  1. Hope you had a good month! SO jealous you got to see wolf alice :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x