Chanel Couture Spring Summer 2015
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Chanel Couture Spring Summer 2015

Chanel Couture's 15/16 show is like a fairy tale, set in a hothouse, set in the Grand Palais. I love the paper jungle installation, it looks like the centerfold of a children's pop up book. The show opened with a fairy tale bride hidden by tulle and followed by a procession of garden boys in straw hats, carrying green quilted watering cans. The collection takes a relaxed look on couture, featuring floral decorated beanie hats and elongated woolen skirts. The cropped suit jackets and low waisted skirts give a fresh take on the crop top. The netting attached to hats and wrapped around the eyes remind me of a bee-keepers mask. Each look is so rich in detail, tiny flowers are sewn onto the seams of jackets and tied to the ends of loose plaits, hats are feathered, sequined and beaded, sea shells and chiffon flowers are sewn into dresses and a honeycombed rim forms the end of a coat. Flowers are used as material forming floral hoods, shoulder pads and pockets. The traditional Chanel suit is frayed and adorned with accessories like long belts and the floral gloves. The black dresses, skin tight boots and tulle hats that partly conceal the face modernise the typical spring floral ensemble

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  1. I adore this collection! xx