Inu Inu
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Inu Inu

Inu Inu

Sandals, €31 / Backpacks bag, €31 / Nokia tech accessory, €13 / PRE-ORDER BACK TO THE FUTURE SWEATER – INU INU, €26 / Stay Hydrated Tee – INU INU, €22 / Apparel, €17 / PRE-ORDER BLACK CHOKER SET – INU INU, €4,85 / PRE-ORDER ICE CREAM SOCKS – INU INU, €7,41

A few nice things from the current collection at Inu Inu. They sell kawaii apparel, shoes and accessories. They have lots of great graphic tees, tennis skirts and chokers, everything you need to be tumblr famous hehe They also have light up shoes which are very like the Trance light up trainers at Topshop atm. The photographer Laurence Philomene created a lookbook for Inu Inu, you can check it out here.


  1. Just found your blog and love it- had to give you a follow. The clothes in this post are so cool :)
    Feel free to check out our latest Fashion Week post x