Photo Diary: Midnight Boom
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Photo Diary: Midnight Boom

I haven't posted in like a month because I had so many assignments due but I'm on midterm break now so yay freedom!
I won a scholarship this year :) my social networking neglect hasn't gone in vain
Me in my robes (wishing I could dress like this irl)
After my awards ceremony I went for a walk around the docklands in Dublin. Even though I've lived in the city for over a year, I still have yet to see so much of it. The area along the Grand Canal is pretty cool, especially this sculpture behind the Bord Gais Energy Theatre
rocking the seventies look like no other
being tourist again - visiting Trinity College 
I started a new journal. I have to write one line a day for 5 years. Its like having a twitter account with no followers hehe
I bought The Kills album Midnight Boom in Tower Records. Its soo good. If you haven't listened to it already, do it now!

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  1. That journal is a pretty cool idea! I hope you write some cool sentences in there ;)

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